custom made tutus  ballet costumes
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When Onstage, your costume needs to convey your skill, your character, and your personality.


Beautiful and well-constructed costumes are an essential element of any performance; a great tutu ot tunic can help you feel your absolute best when the curtains open!


Pat Ubaldi Nurnberger has combined a lifelong love of ballet and her experience as a fashion designer into a business called The Tutu Lady.

Learning how to construct bodices, tutus, and men's tunics under the eye of professional costumers, she brings her love of color, technical skill, patternmaking experience, and understanding of fit and fabrics to the arena of classical ballet.

With a deep background knowledge of the history of costume, each piece is researched throught the lens of the character which it represents and, if applicable, through the historical time period and ethnic background of its character.